Jun 25

Although backing up your computer is something that can save you from complete disaster, many still don’t bother to do it. This is surprising, considering how simple backing up a computer can be. The general rule for backing up data is to do so as often as possible. This will mean far less work to try and restore or recover your lost files should something happen. And you don’t necessarily have to back every file up; as long as you’ve backed up your most important folders. It may take some time to decide which things you can easily retrieve and may not have to back up every time.

There are three ways to back up your data – incremental, differential and full. Incremental backups will only back up those files which have changed since your last back up. Differential backups will store all files made in a full backup. And full backups will back up all files you identify every time you want to do one. Whether you choose to backup computer online or not, you will need to choose the type of back up you wish to do. Bear in mind that when using a cloud service for backup, that the first time you back up your files will take the longest.

Jun 21

If you’ve been searching for a company to host your web site, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen the term ASP at least once during your travels. But what is it? ASP allows web site owners to make their sites interactive using scripts. Using input from the user, ASP is responsible for features such as the ability for a user to log into a message board on a web site or access a secure database. The use of ASP on a web site will be indicated in the site’s URL, which will end in .asp instead of .html or its common counterparts.

If you are a website owner wanting to run ASP, you will require the installation of or access to an ASP server, There are both Microsoft and third-party servers available. The latter will allow the running of ASP scripts on Linux and Unix. The language that most ASP scripts are written in is VBScript, but other languages may be used. The best website hosting, according to some, is one that offers ASP servers that are Microsoft-based. But would be site owners should also keep in mind that choosing Microsoft-based servers may mean choosing a different database.

Jun 14

Have you heard the news? A recent study revealed that early risers tend to get more things done in a day than those who hit the snooze button. It related this ability to finish tasks with the fact that it’s much less likely that disturbances will occur early in the morning. So this time of the day may be the perfect time to research web hosting for your small business and make a decision about the company that is right for you. Of course, if your site will have special needs, then your research may take longer than you anticipated.

Thankfully, there are many great resources that can help you choose the right host by offering you all of the information you need about them at one convenient location. Being able to see what every small business hosting offers you can make it easier to shorten your list of potential companies. Of course, once you’ve made your decision, you will need to read that company’s fine print to see if there are any limits on things like bandwidth. Often, a host will not list these items in plain view, making it necessary for you to hunt for them.

Jun 12

Whether you’re seeking advice on which type of hosting to choose, or need to know some of the more common industry terms surrounding the hosting industry, it can be a great benefit to have a site on your side that’s at the ready to explain all you wish to know. In using an online resource to figure out which hosting options are best for you, you can save all of the guesswork and the nearly-endless search for information, as it will all be available to you from one convenient location. There are many things to consider when you are looking for an online home for your business or personal site.

The first is the reliability of hosts that are out there. This can be easily determined by reading customer and industry reviews about them. Are the reviews largely positive? Does the host have a number of unresolved issues brought forth by customers? These items and many more will help you to determine the reliability of the company that you wish to host your site. This information about HostingAndBackup can be easily found online. From the types of hosting to how to properly move your site from one host to another, a professional online resource can give you all you need.

Jun 9

If you have a WordPress web site, you are certainly not alone; this option is used by thousands of web site owners. WordPress sites may be so popular due to their easy customization. If you have yet to customize your WordPress site, you will be happy to know that there are three very simple ways to do just that. Customizing your site has many benefits, but you may seem overwhelmed by the thought of altering code. Thankfully, doing so only takes a few simple instructions.

The first thing to do is have a plan for what you want your site to look like and do.  This is a very important part of the process that many web site owners unfortunately overlook. All that you need to do is have clear goals with regard to how you want your site to appear to visitors. Before you begin, you will need to note that being careful with the changes you make is crucial. Not keeping track of all the changes you make can mean many more hours spent trying to figure out what it is you did so that you can undo it.

Secondly, you will have to alter the CSS code by looking for the controller responsible for certain parts of your site. The controller can be identified by looking for the hashtag or ‘#’ in front of certain words. If you wish to edit the navigation section of your site, you will be looking for ‘#nav”. To edit the text or image in your site’s header, ‘#header’ will be what to look for. Once you’ve found the section of the site you wish to work on and its controller, then it’s time to look for the hexadecimal code. Also known as the ‘hex code’, this alpha-numeric item dictates the color of your site’s elements.

Changing the color of any element simply involves knowing the hex code of the color you want, and then replacing the old code with the updated code. There are many resources online which can provide lists of the different hex codes. Or, you can choose to enter in a random code just to see what colors it may generate.

Increasing the font sizes on your site involves the same initial steps as changing the color: first, you must locate the corresponding controller, such as ‘#nav’. Once it’s been found, then you will need to locate the items known as ‘dictations’, which will appear in recognizable form below the controller. You may see something like ‘Arial 12pt’. All that’s required to alter the size is to change the number to the desired size.

If at any time you find yourself stuck, understand that you’re not alone; even the best coders using the best web hosting run into trouble. Thankfully, looking through the theme developer’s comments can help guide you in the right direction. These notes can be found inside the code editor as text strings that can tell you more about the code or how it was developed.