Aug 5

Many people would love to see a simple list of the best home security companies in Houston, and while there are lists that rank them, the reality is that they many not have taken into consideration the things that are most important to you. For example, how high did they rank cost versus a company who uses the latest technology? Where do those and other factors fall on a list of your priorities? Because everyone will answer these questions differently, it’s essential that everyone considers the options on their own and makes the right choice for their own particular needs.

The easiest way to compare home security systems Houston Texas is to identify what your top priorities are first. At this point, leave cost out of it. You’ll have time for that later. Once you have a list of what’s most important to you, for example the latest technology or a company that’s located nearby, then you can compare the companies based on those specific criteria. When you’ve got them ranked regarding how they live up to your priorities, then you can compare prices. You may choose the company that doesn’t exactly match what you want, but is offered at a considerably lower price, or you may choose to pay a little more to get just what you want.

Jul 17

A home security system is a great investment in the security of your home. To get the most from your system, there are a few simple tips you can follow. The following ideas can help you maximize the protection you get from your system.

Consider Price – But Focus on Value

Of course you will want to consider how much a security system will cost, but it shouldn’t be your only concern. Many homeowners will consider only the price and either choose a system that’s the least expensive in order to get what they believe is the best deal, or will purchase every bell and whistle they find available to them because they believe that the more protection they have, the better.

The trouble with this way of shopping is that the right system for you is likely neither the least expensive nor the most expensive. While a low price may seem like a good deal initially, if it doesn’t have the key components that will protect your home then it won’t be a good deal after all. Likewise, if you purchase a system that has more features than you actually need, then you’ll effectively be paying for something you won’t need or use. The key is to consider your unique situation, decide what level of security you need, and then look for the best price on that level of security.

Let Robbers Know You Have a System – But Don’t Give Them Too Much Info

It’s a good idea to make sure potential thieves know that you’re protected because if they’re hitting homes at random, they’re less likely to hit a home that they know has a security system. On the other hand, if they have all the information about the type of system you have, then they will more easily be able to compromise it. The best plan is to have a sticker that indicates you have a security system, and to have lights showing when it’s armed, but to not have a sticker that specifies which alarm company you’re working with. This gives them the information you want them to have while keeping private the things you don’t want them to have.

Arm It Every Time You Leave the House – Every Time!

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is to only arm their system if they’re going to be gone for long periods of time. While this may seem like a good plan, the reality is that you should arm it at all times. You may think, “Why should I arm it if I’m just going to leave the house for 10 minutes?” The reality is that a professional thief may only need 5 minutes to get in, grab what they want, and get out. In fact, they frequently look for these small periods of time when they can get in and out quickly. You can learn more about these types of issues at

A security system is a great addition to your home but be sure that you’re using it correctly. The above tips will help you get your money’s worth.